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Add the Wow Factor to Your Projects with Integrated Whole-Home Video


Sleek, Unified Video Systems Deliver Seamless Entertainment Throughout the Home

As homes become smarter and more sophisticated, homeowners look for more ways to make it easier to manage their homes. One area that has typically been a source of frustration for many is the management of audio and video entertainment. In the AV and smart home industry, one of the fundamental reasons homeowners bring us in is to integrate audio and video equipment to make it easy and intuitive to use. No one likes multiple remotes, interfaces, and methods of doing the same thing in their home.

As just about all audio and video entertainment has converged on digital formats, you might think things have become more straightforward. To some extent, they have, but the plethora of content options, equipment, and video and audio formats still presents considerable complexity. One way to decrease the complexity is to plan for integrating whole-home video and audio systems from the start in your new Chicago, IL residential projects. Not only will it add a wow factor to your builds, but your clients will appreciate the benefits outlined below.


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All Content, Everywhere

One of the most important benefits of a whole-home video system is to get all the same video and audio entertainment in every space the homeowner wants. With non-integrated approaches, different smart TVs, streaming devices, cable and satellite, and media server sources, homeowners may not have access to all their entertainment in every location. A whole-home system not only ensures that all sources are available everywhere they're desired, but they are also available at the highest quality. A whole-home system can guarantee the same quality signals – like 4K video and high-resolution audio – to every space.


Neatly Centralized Equipment

Another advantage of a whole-home video system is that it centralizes AV components in a neat, easily accessible, organized equipment rack hidden away in a closet or large cabinet. The advantages are manifold. Should a problem occur, the equipment is in one place for troubleshooting and plug-and-play replacement or upgrades. In a large home, the homeowner might save on the number of DVR boxes, streaming devices, and other shared resources that deliver content to every screen. This same centralized nerve center can serve your outdoor entertainment, too, like outdoor speakers and TVs in your patio and outdoor kitchen. A central location can also feed the whole-house wiring system that carries these high-quality AV signals in pristine digital formats so that the quality is not degraded over long runs.


Seamless Control

Much of the frustration for homeowners in sophisticated AV systems is complexity. A well-planned whole-home solution can present all the entertainment options to homeowners in a streamlined, intuitive interface, with multiple ways to access what they want. For example, customizable AV remotes can give the homeowner access to any video entertainment source in each room, with an interface that does not vary from room to room. Suppose a homeowner wants to hear music from integrated architectural speakers. In that case, they might use the remote or have pre-programmed buttons on a wall-mounted keypad that presents one-touch control to a favorite music source. There’s no guessing as to whether a particular music streaming service is accessible in that room or whether there’s a cable or Netflix feed available on a specific TV – it’s all there, and it looks exactly the same everywhere in the home.



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