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Combine Lutron Fixtures and Lighting Control in Your Home


With their Ivalo and Ketra lines, Lutron brings their lighting expertise to bear in a new way

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Lutron here at Barrett’s Technology Solutions. With their technical expertise, attention to detail and focus on creating easy-to-use systems, Lutron is the go-to brand for smart lighting control and motorized shades.

But did you know Lutron also makes lighting fixtures for your home? With their Ivalo and Ketra Lines, Lutron has crafted a range of home lighting solutions that seamlessly blend elegance with functionality. Here are all the ways a Lutron lighting control system integrates these high-end fixtures to improve your Hinsdale, IL, home.

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We’ve written before about all the ways LED tunable lighting can improve your lifestyle, but a quick recap is in order in case you need to refresh your memory. By using warm-dimming LEDs and tunable white lights, Lutron’s Ketra fixtures give you nearly endless hues to choose from when lighting your home. Light plays a key role in how our moods change throughout the day, and Lutron lighting control lets you use light to set whatever mood you want at any time of day.

Our bodies naturally follow a circadian rhythm that helps determine and regulate our mood and energy level throughout the day. Warm, soft lighting makes us relax, while white cooler and brighter colors increase our energy and focus. With these facts in mind, your Lutron lighting system can automatically alter the lighting conditions throughout your home to suit whatever you have going on during the day.

As the sun rises, awaken relaxed and refreshed as your bedroom gradually fills with gentle light. Once you’re up and about, you’ll get a productivity boost as the light temperature and intensity cools and intensifies. Come bedtime you’ll drift off soundly as your fixtures gradually dim while still bathing you in mellow light. Set this schedule up once and connect your fixtures to a bank of light sensors to have all this happen without a single extra command from you. With tunable lighting from Lutron and Ketra, you’ll enjoy a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.


While LED lighting is one of the fastest growing sectors in the home automation industry, there are still no universal standards for integrating LED fixtures with control systems. This can cause technical nightmares as you try to get your fixtures to talk to your control device.

An easy way to sidestep this problem is to use Lutron lighting fixtures with your Lutron control system. Because the fixtures and the control system are made by the same company, you’ll know that you won’t have any issues trying to get everything to cooperate. Lutron’s Ivalo line offers a wide range of interior design options. It has sconces, recessed fixtures for your ceiling, and the Lumaris by Ivalo LED Linear Lighting line. You can place Lumaris fixtures under cabinets, under shelves, as step or path lights, and innumerable other places around your home.


As we mentioned before, LED smart lighting allows for a much wider array of configurations for how you want a room to look. You can enhance your home’s interior design with custom lighting scenes for everyday activities as well as holidays, special events and parties.

Need to unwind after a long day at the office? Create a “Relax” scene in your den or living room that dims the lights while also activating your motorized shades and home audio system. Having family and friends over for a dinner party? Keep the lights bright in the kitchen and dining room while dimming everything else to discourage guests from wandering. The options are only limited by your needs and creativity.

Of course, interior design isn’t just about lighting; it also includes the actual fixtures themselves. The type, size and shape of your fixtures matter just as much as the color of the light that comes out of them. Instead of simply buying the cheapest option at the hardware store, bring in someone like Barrett’s Technology Solutions who has experience blending technology and design. We’re very familiar with Lutron’s products, and we’ll find the perfect solution for your home.


Want to see your home in a new light with Lutron lighting control and fixtures? Contact us today to get started. You can call us at (312) 879-9990 or reach out to us online.

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