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Combine Lutron Fixtures and Lighting Control in Your Home


With their Ivalo and Ketra lines, Lutron brings their lighting expertise to bear in a new way

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Lutron here at Barrett’s Technology Solutions. With their technical expertise, attention to detail and focus on creating easy-to-use systems, Lutron is the go-to brand for smart lighting control and motorized shades.

But did you know Lutron also makes lighting fixtures for your home? With their Ivalo and Ketra Lines, Lutron has crafted a range of home lighting solutions that seamlessly blend elegance with functionality. Here are all the ways a Lutron lighting control system integrates these high-end fixtures to improve your Hinsdale, IL, home.

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How to Boost Your Interior Décor with Motorized Shades


Add the Ultimate Stylistic Spark to your Chicago, IL Home with Our Smart Shading Solutions

When listing the benefits of motorized shades, it’s tempting to focus on the benefits that go way beyond the impact on your decor. A smart shading solution is also vital for managing your security, lighting, and climate. But that shouldn't take away from what many consider to be motorized shades' primary purpose—to add a finishing touch to your interior décor.

When choosing between manual shades and motorized shades, there are a few reasons the latter are a better stylistic option for your Chicago, IL home. From sleeker installations to greater ease-of-use, we outline their top stylistic benefits below.

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