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Why Home Builders and Designers Need an Integrator for Outdoor Projects


Barrett’s Technology Soltuions helps building professionals in the Chicago area design and install outdoor audio/video systems that will wow clients every time

As you probably know by now, today’s discerning homeowners view smart home technology as a must-have feature instead of a nice addition. If you’re an architect, designer or interior decorator and you aren’t including home automation systems in your projects, you’re missing out on a substantial revenue source.

With summer approaching, homeowners want to enhance their outdoor spaced with smart technology. It’s easy to see why; outdoor audio and video systems help people relax and have more fun in their yards. But setting up outdoor audio and video requires specialized training, knowledge and a set of skills most electricians or contractors don’t have.

That’s why you want an expert technology integrator like Barrett’s by your side for your next project. Today we’ll walk you through all the reasons you should bring us on for any upcoming outdoor audio/video projects you have in Chicago.

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No matter how large or complex your outdoor A/V project is, you want to avoid costly last-minute changes. You don’t want to dig up speakers, rewire a TV or move some critical component because some minute detail was overlooked in the planning stages.

You can avoid these potential pitfalls by working with us as soon as possible on a project. This way, we work with you to achieve your customers’ vision while minimizing the chance of errors from the get-go.

We’re well versed in the technical hurdles involved in outdoor A/V projects, and we have years of experience working with landscape contractors. With us on hand during your project you will not only keep your labor costs low (because we’ll get it right the first time, meaning fewer hours spent on the project), you’ll also save money in materials because there will be no need to redo anything. We take on the communication with your landscape contractors so everything goes exactly to plan.


Are you aware of how weather and other factors can impact outdoor electronics? Do you understand the intricacies of outdoor wiring? Have you spent years integrating outdoor technology with indoor systems to create a seamless, whole-home experience? With us you don’t have to!

Creating an outdoor A/V system that meshes with a home’s existing design while delivering reliable, superior performance isn’t easy. Your typical contractor or electrician likely isn’t familiar with the intricacies of smart technology, especially when it comes to outdoor systems. On the other hand, we have extensive experience in this regard, and that experience is something you want on your next project.


The goal of everyone involved in an outdoor A/V project is to deliver a robust, easy-to-use system. Bringing in a professional integrator like Barrett’s early on goes a long way toward reaching that goal.

We’ll work with you and your clients to figure out the technology aspect of the project. If those ideas are incorporated into the process early, you can seamlessly blend the technology and design pieces without giving either side short shrift. Everybody goes home happy, with a smoother, less-expensive project as a bonus.

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