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Why Home Builders and Designers Need an Integrator for Outdoor Projects


Barrett’s Technology Soltuions helps building professionals in the Chicago area design and install outdoor audio/video systems that will wow clients every time

As you probably know by now, today’s discerning homeowners view smart home technology as a must-have feature instead of a nice addition. If you’re an architect, designer or interior decorator and you aren’t including home automation systems in your projects, you’re missing out on a substantial revenue source.

With summer approaching, homeowners want to enhance their outdoor spaced with smart technology. It’s easy to see why; outdoor audio and video systems help people relax and have more fun in their yards. But setting up outdoor audio and video requires specialized training, knowledge and a set of skills most electricians or contractors don’t have.

That’s why you want an expert technology integrator like Barrett’s by your side for your next project. Today we’ll walk you through all the reasons you should bring us on for any upcoming outdoor audio/video projects you have in Chicago.

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