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How Professional AV Installation Enhances Your Design and Build Projects


Bring in a Pro Early for the Best Results

Today’s AV entertainment systems can get complicated. If you’re an interior designer, architect, or builder, it’s wise to bring in an audio-video installation pro early in your projects to incorporate the latest systems your clients want.

You might think, don't all we have to do is plan for some low-voltage wiring? While low-voltage infrastructure is indeed important, there's more to achieving a well-sorted and integrated AV installation that incorporates what clients want, fits in with your mutual design vision, and doesn’t require a stack of change orders because of lack of planning. Let’s explore how you can enhance your Chicago, IL projects with a little help from your AV professional – like Barrett’s Technology Solutions!

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Seamlessly Blend Entertainment and Decor

Your Chicago clients are style-conscious – that’s why they’re working with you. They want their technology to blend well within their style vision. For example, while some may like the look of high-end speakers, many of your clients want great sound quality but don’t want to see the equipment. Beyond just wiring a room for architectural speakers, we look at the room size, consider layout, planned furnishings, building materials, and other details to specify the right speakers and precisely where they should be located for the best sound quality.

Some clients might be OK with visible TVs, but high-style interiors may not want a large black flat-panel TV visible when not in use. With planning, we can integrate motorized panels or artwork that hides TVs, specify custom furniture to hold and reveal TVs on command, or mounts that hide flat panels in ceilings and walls. All those features require coordination for electrical, communication, networking, and remote-control infrastructure to make it work seamlessly.

Another option for minimizing the visual impact of a TV is to hide it in plain sight. Samsung’s Frame TV is a nod to the design-conscious media enthusiast. The ultra-slim TVs, available in 43 to 75-inch sizes, mount flush to the wall, and their colored frames give the appearance of a framed picture. Dazzling, customizable, high-resolution artwork make the TV look like art when it’s not playing media.


Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Media spaces like home cinemas and media rooms require even more planning. For example, acoustic treatment might need to be incorporated into walls to ensure that loud home theater sound doesn't bleed to adjacent rooms. Equipment rooms and spaces should be planned out for wiring, and electrical and lighting considerations are weightier for media spaces.

These spaces may be highly customized, so one-size-fits-all general wiring and infrastructure might miss the mark widely, requiring significant changes, extra cost, and time to complete the project. An AV professional can work with you to ensure that all the right infrastructure is there to execute the custom media space your clients desire.



Smart Control and Automation

Any AV system should focus on effortless entertainment, not complexity of operation. A smart home control system can include customized AV control. One touch, or a voice command, should start a choreographed dance where the TV or screen appears from concealment, the sound system comes on to the right settings, and lights automatically dim precisely to begin the show.

To accomplish this, centrally located lighting and automation controllers, wiring, electrical, and networking infrastructure must be carefully planned. Considering these details before the drywall goes up – and even well before – can ensure that your project delivers on every part of the client's wish list.


Partner with Barrett’s for your next project to ensure the best AV installation results for your clients. Call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here with your questions – we look forward to working with you!

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