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Extending Your Living Space with Breathtaking Outdoor Lighting


Discover the Best in Outdoor Entertainment and Relaxation 

It’s that time of year when we spring-clean our patio furniture and grills in preparation for the festivities of another beautiful outdoor season. Whether you enjoy extravagant garden parties, poolside barbeques, or relaxing in a hammock under a full moon, now’s the time to create the space you’ve dreamed of in your Hinsdale home.

Here, we’ll explore the many ways people are transforming their outdoor areas from party central to a quiet retreat and an oasis after dark. No matter your inclination, creating inviting spaces that offer the best in outdoor living is good for the mind, body, and soul. Extending the celebration into the night requires today’s outdoor lighting.

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Unrivaled Entertainment

With today’s advanced technology, many people are renewing their outdoor areas with concert-quality outdoor sound systems and TVs that deliver brilliant images, even in full sun. They may add floating lounge chairs for pool movie parties or place an 85-inch display on the patio for an unsurpassed game day experience.

Striking landscape lighting ensures the fun lasts long into the evening. At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we partner with the industry leaders in outdoor lighting and audio. Now, you can press a button and change your outdoor lighting for every event and holiday. 

Press ‘Bears Game’ on a touchscreen, and your backyard brightens in dark navy, orange, and brilliant white colors. Planning a tropical party? We’ll program your lighting to illuminate your outdoor areas in shades of aqua, coral, turquoise, and canary yellow. Brass LED Tiki torches around the pool or property’s perimeter enhance the island vibe.

Hosting Dinner Parties

Transform your patio into a charming dining area with European-inspired furniture, planters, and lighting. Old-world enchantment is at the core of this design, with wrought iron seating on flagstones and pergolas with vines. Climbing hydrangeas, Kentucky wisteria, and English ivy are favorites in the Chicagoland area. You can also embrace a Mediterranean approach with terracotta planters filled with lavender and rosemary. 

Bistro lighting, elegant wall sconces, and lantern-style lighting fixtures extend alfresco dining long after the stars have appeared. Press ‘Outdoor Dining’ to enjoy dinner amidst lighting resembling candlelight, and hear your favorite outdoor dining playlist in high-fidelity clarity. 

The Quiet Retreat

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as heading to your backyard after a long day at work and unwinding amidst the beauty of nature. Water features create the sound of a babbling brook, providing a sense of peace, serenity, and relaxation.

With the latest underwater lighting, you can enhance the experience with a mesmerizing blue-green glow. Add tree lights for a moonlight effect and string lights that resemble fireflies. When you press ‘Relax,’ an awe-inspiring atmosphere appears, Marconi Union’s “Breathing with Assistance” fills the air, and your spa heats. The ultimate space for tranquility, restfulness, and renewal is born. 

At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we’ve transformed backyards with home automation, advanced lighting, and the latest audio-video technology for decades. To learn more about the latest outdoor lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Barrett’s Technology Solutions today.

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