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Make the Most of the Seasons with Outdoor Shades


Treat Your Family and Friends to Luxury Outdoor Comfort

Extending Chicago living areas into the great outdoors is more popular than ever. These are the spaces where you gather with family and friends, enjoying good food and drinks and long conversations amidst nature’s beauty. For some, it also means integrating the latest outdoor entertainment with concert-quality audio systems and outdoor TVs that deliver breathtaking images. 

Others prefer a quiet retreat, a personal oasis with fountains and firepits amidst relaxing and beautiful landscapes. No matter your preference in outdoor design, there is one item that ensures greater comfort and convenience, particularly in the windy city. That item is outdoor shades.

At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we partner with industry leaders in outdoor automatic shades. Let’s explore what they offer and how they make outdoor living that much better.

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Protected From Intruders

There’s nothing worse than dining with friends in your outdoor area and finding yourself invaded by yellow jackets and flies. The relaxing gathering soon turns into a swatting frenzy. Fortunately, Draper’s retractable shades transform that scenario with insect-resistant fabric.

These shades come in thousands of fabrics and numerous opacities. Some offer total privacy, while others let you retain your beautiful view of the outdoors. They can also be tailor-made to exacting standards, enhancing the environment with custom artwork or colors.

Safe From the Elements

Outdoor shades protect you from everything Mother Nature throws your way. From the sun bearing down and causing relentless heat to the wind suddenly picking up, the Midwest demands high-performance, robust shades. 

These block UV rays and wind and can reduce solar heat by 74%. Some fabrics have even earned the Melanoma International Foundation Seal of Approval. Long after the summer turns, your enclosed patio will withstand the snow of winter. 

Enclosed for Comfort and Convenience

These shades can be added to nearly every structure, from patios to pergolas and garages. Adding fans or fire pits can create a remarkable setting, extending the hours and the days you enjoy your outdoor areas.

One of the best features of automated shades is their effortless control. From remotes and wall switches, one touch can raise or lower one or every shade. Sensors also enable these technological wonders to adjust by themselves, raising or lowering based on the wind, rain, brightness, and temperature.  

This system also integrates with your other outdoor entertainment and lighting, enabling you to manage your entire oasis effortlessly. Now, you can enjoy a meal with friends and family in the great outdoors and in the ideal environment, all while maintaining your fabulous views. 

Are you ready to make this the best outdoor season yet? At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we’re excited about sharing the latest technology that makes life easier and more enjoyable. It’s the reason we’ve been doing it for almost 60 years. To learn more about outdoor shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Barrett’s Technology Solutions today.

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