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Upgrade Your Home Theater Installation with the Best in Seating, Projection, and Audio

We’ve all spent much more time at home than ever. Fortunately, as the health situation slowly improves in Chicagoland and across Illinois, we are starting to get back to some level of normalcy. That said, no doubt you have depended on home entertainment to provide a much-needed mental break. If you have a home theater or media room, it’s probably gotten a workout lately.

With all the time you may have been spending in your home theater, you might be dreaming about some ways you could enhance it. Perhaps a larger screen and sharper projector for more cinematic visuals? Bigger, bolder sound that truly immerses you in the show? Or maybe even more luxurious seating that makes you never want to leave your home theater?

If any of those have crossed your mind lately, we have some excellent suggestions for upgrading your home theater installation in Naperville. Read on to see some of our favorites.


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Sony Projectors

The first thing you think about in home theaters is likely the picture and screen. Bigger is mostly better, as long as the seating distance from the screen fits the screen size and room parameters. But picture quality is paramount too, as you want a sharp, vibrant picture no matter what content you’re watching, from cable TV to Netflix to movies from Blu-ray discs.

No matter your setup, you cannot go wrong with Sony projectors. The Sony ES projector line is filled with state-of-the-art features and technology. Features like Picture Position let you adjust the projector for different movie formats to minimize the black bars. Reality Creation uses powerful processing to upscale any content to sharp 4K resolution. And Sony's motion processing is second to none, ensuring that fast-moving scenes in movies and sports do not cause artifacts and blurring in the picture. One of the newest features, IMAX Enhanced, brings the immersive IMAX experience home with films and content mastered with IMAX.


Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio has a long history of innovation in digital audio. The company played significant roles in contributing to key standards such as the DVD-Audio and Dolby TrueHD, as well as MQA, a growing format for high-resolution streaming audio.

Meridian’s approach to audio is a bit different than most. They keep and distribute audio signals in digital form, and convert it to analog audio - what you hear – at the speaker, making for a distortion-free signal to the speaker. The speakers are self-powered, allowing them to match the amplifier perfectly to the drivers. Meridian also applied their digital signal processing (DSP) expertise to make the speakers sound their best in any home theater space. Besides their artful tower, stand-mount, and center-channel speakers that make a contemporary design statement, Meridian also has audiophile-worthy in-wall models for a sleek home theater look.


CinemaTech Seating

Comfort is paramount in a home theater, especially if you’re spending hours watching a long movie or an evening of binge-watching a Netflix series. You want seating with both high comfort and style. CinemaTech specializes in media and theater seating that delivers on both.

If you like the individual recliner style seating in either leather or fabric, you can feel like you’re at the movies sans the sticky floors. For a more multi-purpose or social space, customizable lounge seating allows you to fit the accommodations to your space and criteria. Custom features like power headrests, USB ports to keep personal devices powered, and tray and cupholders allow you to design your ideal home theater setup.


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