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Why Motorized Blinds Are a Smart Investment for Your Home


Motorized Window Treatments Are the Perfect Blend of Form and Function 

Window treatments like shades, blinds, and drapes are an essential part of home décor. They dress up the view (or block an unwanted one) and fit your design sense, whether modern, traditional, transitional, or so eclectic that you can't put a label on it.  

If you are looking to replace window treatments in a room or the whole house, we’d like to strongly suggest that you look at powered options. Why? Unpowered window coverings are mostly about style and, of course, some functions such as privacy and sun control. But when you add motorization, you unlock a whole set of other benefits. Read on for four reasons why motorized blinds are a wise investment for your Hinsdale, IL home.  


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Control Natural Light 

Regular window blinds and shades have the task of managing natural light. You want to take advantage of natural light for energy savings as well as its healthful benefits.  But how many homes are often dark inside on a bright day because opening all the blinds is tedious? With motorization, you can control them all with a tap of a button on a remote or control app. Better yet, when you connect your blinds and shades to a home automation system, you can exponentially increase your ability to tune your environment. 


Save Energy 

The Chicago area sees famously cold winters and warm summers. Window blinds and shades can help insulate a home from heat loss through windows in winter and keep out blazing August sunlight in summer. But with motorization, these modes aren't static. In winter, let the sunshine in as it reflects off fresh snow into your home, warming your interiors and bathing it in much-needed winter light. In summer, your powered blinds can open and move throughout the day to let in just the right amount of light without heat buildup. Plus, with home automation, you can coordinate this behavior with lights and climate control for measurable energy savings.  


Enjoy Privacy and Security 

Another typical functional aspect of window treatments is privacy. Your blinds and shades offer privacy when you want it in a bedroom, bath, or any other part of your house. But there’s no need to keep windows drawn when privacy isn’t needed. With motorization, you open up many more possibilities to let the outside in when you want and keep it out when you don't. In the morning, your blinds can slowly open to gently wake you with morning light. When you leave your home, you can use a programmed “Away” setting that positions window treatments to keep any prying eyes out.  


Experience Luxury 

Motorized blinds are a luxury, yet an eminently practical one. Not having to deal with drawing shades and drapes closed or open is a luxury, but combined with other smart automation, it brings the valuable benefits we described above. Beyond wellness, security, and energy savings, motorized window treatments will also be that extra luxury feature to differentiate your home when you decide to sell. And that can make the investment pay off all by itself! 


Serving Chicagoland since 1966, Barrett’s Technology Solutions integrates home technology solutions like motorized blinds that expertly marry form and function. Call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here to get started – we look forward to working with you. 

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