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Meet Crestron HomeTime, the Home Video Teleconferencing Solution


Stay Connected with Family and Friends with Pro-level Videoconferencing at Home

The Coronavirus pandemic has yet to run its course, and right now, many of us are still doing the majority of our work and education from home. Chicago public schools reopened in September virtually, employing platforms like Google Classroom to facilitate remote learning. Major technology companies like Google, Facebook, and many others have announced plans to continue remote work for professionals well into 2021.

In this environment, connectivity, communication, and collaboration from home have become essential. But communication is not merely for work and school; it's important to keep up with family and friends and continue participating – however remotely – with your social groups.

Crestron has long been a worldwide leader in home automation, as well as a staple in Fortune 500 conference rooms with commercial automation and audio-video solutions. They have brought their considerable expertise to bear on a new home video teleconferencing solution, one that can turn your Chicago living room into a comfortable boardroom for keeping touch with anyone and everyone without hunching over a laptop. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

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Taking Home Conferencing to the Next Level

Crestron’s unique capabilities with automation and AV make it the perfect company to take video teleconferencing into the living room. The company partnered with Logitech, which also has broad experience with both consumer and professional products, to use the Logitech MeetUp 4K camera for wide-angle videoconferencing. The MeetUp's 120-degree field of view lets the whole family sit on the sofa and hold a conversation with another family, grandma, or the cousins in California. MeetUp also has a high-performance beamforming full-duplex microphone to capture all the conversation without delays and dropouts, just like in business conference rooms.


Your Home Zoom Room

For many, Zoom has become the go-to platform for video conferencing and remote collaboration. Crestron offers commercial solutions like the Mercury tabletop videoconference system that turns ordinary conference rooms into Zoom videoconference spaces. They have applied that expertise by integrating Crestron HomeTime with their home automation solutions. Picture this scenario: Hit a couple of buttons on a Crestron touchscreen or a Zoom Room app on your smartphone. The lights come on to an optimal setting, your system calls Grandma in another state via Zoom, and Grandma's face lights up your 75-inch screen in the living room. She can see your whole family on the couch, and everyone can talk normally in a natural, lag-free conversation, with the volume levels already preset. No one has to shout into a microphone, huddle around a laptop, tablet, or phone, and Grandma can be heard over your audio system too. This is Star Trek-quality video communication, courtesy of 21st-century technology.

Beyond calls to Grandma and friends, think of other practical uses for your new living room videoconferencing system. Private music lessons for your kids become that much easier remotely. Family parent-teacher conferences become more natural and comfortable as both parents and children can sit across from the teacher, almost like an in-person meeting. Other interactions and activities that require a little moving around become easy by untethering from a smart device or computer.


Let Barrett’s Technology Solutions improve your home connectivity and conferencing capabilities. Call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here to get started – we look forward to working with you!

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