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Reduce Everyday Stress with Savant Home Automation


Smart Technology Sweats the Routines While You Juggle Work, School, and Entertainment

With social distancing and restrictions an unfortunate reality of current life for some time, stress is on the rise. Home has always been many things, but now home is the center for work, school, and entertainment as outside options are curtailed.

With the whole family in the house – including perhaps your college-age child unexpectedly back home –  life at home is busier and needs to balance multiple priorities for everyone at the same time.

With all that is going on, why not let smart technology take a bit of the load off? Here are some tips on how a Savant home automation system can sweat the small stuff in your Chicago, IL home while you focus on more important things.

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Harness the Power of Light

Light has a profound effect on our bodies, mood, and energy levels. With everyone at home juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, the right light is essential for different activities. Proper task lighting is critical to maintain focus and reduce fatigue. With lots of time spent indoors, using natural light effectively also helps mood and natural rhythms.

Motorized shading and window treatments are incredibly convenient; they help manage natural light streaming into the house in different areas. You can control them to let in just the right amount of sunlight, letting just enough of the outside in while minimizing glare and heat buildup. The best part is that one touch on a wall keypad or touchscreen can set all the windows up just how you want them at specific times of the day. Or better yet, put it on a schedule.

Motorized shades pair with lighting control like fine wine and cheese. Savant makes it easy for you to create your own scenes that expertly blend natural and artificial light in any area of your home with a touch or even a voice command. With the latest advances in LED lighting called tunable white light, your lighting can also mimic the way natural sunlight changes throughout the day to promote natural body rhythms. With so much time spent indoors, your family can ensure it maintains healthy routines for work and rest.


Maintaining Comfort

With multiple family members around, keeping the temperature comfortable for everyone is trickier. Smart thermostats can help, but you can add even more power with integrated home automation. For example, sensors can determine if a room is occupied and either cool or warm the space to a comfortable level. When unoccupied, the temperature can be managed for energy efficiency. Even better, a Savant system can manage motorized window treatments, lighting, and HVAC together to create optimal environments for different activities at home, whether it’s time for school, work, or taking a break.


Staying Safe

A Savant home automation system can add an extra layer of security for your peace of mind. Imagine smart locks at your doors that can be checked, locked, or unlocked at the touch of a button. Not only that, but they can also inform you when someone enters or leaves the house. If you're in an essential job without the relative luxury of working from home, this provides an extra level of peace of mind that you know what’s happening at home and that everyone is staying safe. And at bedtime, one voice command or button press can lock your smart doors, arm your security system, and turn all indoor and outdoor lights to your preferred settings.


Let smart technology take the edge off in these challenging times. Barrett’s Technology Solutions can safely work with you to install a Savant home automation solution tailored for your needs. Call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here to get started.

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