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How to Boost Your Interior Décor with Motorized Shades


Add the Ultimate Stylistic Spark to your Chicago, IL Home with Our Smart Shading Solutions

When listing the benefits of motorized shades, it’s tempting to focus on the benefits that go way beyond the impact on your decor. A smart shading solution is also vital for managing your security, lighting, and climate. But that shouldn't take away from what many consider to be motorized shades' primary purpose—to add a finishing touch to your interior décor.

When choosing between manual shades and motorized shades, there are a few reasons the latter are a better stylistic option for your Chicago, IL home. From sleeker installations to greater ease-of-use, we outline their top stylistic benefits below.

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Remove the Cords and Wands

The top stylistic benefit when adding any integrated lighting or shading controls is reducing clutter. In lighting, that means fewer switches on the wall. With shades, the impact is even more significant since you get to remove unsightly cords and wands. From the same keypad you use for your lights, you'll be able to open and close shades as needed. A bonus perk—by removing cords, you also get rid of safety hazards for children and pets.

Get Perfect Alignment Every Time

Beyond the clutter, cords and wands are a foil to interior designers for another reason: it’s hard to get shades, blinds or drapes at the exact position you want. Beyond the common issues of crooked blinds, there’s the difficulty of getting an even look throughout the house—vital to both your interior décor and curb appeal. With precise motors and Intelligent Hembar alignment, Lutron motorized shades let you match positions across your house down to an eighth of an inch. With motorized shades, you're able to create a more cohesive look for your home.

Protect Your Valuable Furnishings

Many interior designs are limited due to the vulnerability of particular furnishings or decorations. There may be an antique couch or work of art you have to hide away because it is easily damaged by sunlight. Motorized shades let you showcase these items front and center. Integrate photo sensors that automatically close shades when a window is hit by direct sunlight. This will keep UV rays from going into your home and damaging any vulnerable items.

Natural Coverage for Any Window

A lot of modern luxury homes have tough windows to cover with manual shades. These are not only difficult to install, but they're in locations that make it nearly impossible to manage them through traditional controls. Motorized shades resolve this by offering control from touchpads, remotes, mobile apps or even voice commands.

No matter the application, there’s a motorized shades option available. In many cases, you’ll be able to install flush-mount shades with motors concealed in a recessed space. If not possible, models from Lutron’s Palladiom line offer a wide range of motor solutions for any space. If any windows are too hard to reach via wires, we also recommend going with one of Lutron’s wireless shading solutions.


Embrace a technology solution that not only expands the reach of your interior design but enhances your overall lifestyle as well. Let our shading experts guide you on the ideal models and features for your space. Just give us a call at 630-898-2850 or fill out our contact form for a one-on-one consultation.

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