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Your Ultimate Outdoor A/V Upgrade Guide


Watch spring sports while you’re grilling or listen to your favorite music on the patio with these essential systems for your home

We’re finally emerging from the frigid days of winter in the Greater Chicagoland area, and the warmth of spring marks the return of backyard parties, barbecues and other chances for outdoor fun at home. You can add some new outdoor entertainment options this spring with audio and video systems from Barrett’s Technology Solutions.

Picture it: You’re with your family and friends in the yard, the grill is going, and the Cubs game is playing on your new 49-inch outdoor TV. Or maybe you’d prefer something a little more serene, like a calming playlist in the background as you lounge in your patio chair with a favorite book and a glass of wine. Regardless of the occasion or mood, an outdoor audio and video installation is the perfect spring upgrade for your Naperville, IL, home.

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An outdoor TV is a great way to enjoy your favorite entertainment in the company of friends and family and a TV offers many opportunities to enhance outdoor fun. You can set up an outdoor home theater and experience your favorite movies like an outdoor drive-in.  And just like we mentioned above, having the big game on screen as you grill hamburgers and hotdogs makes any backyard get-together amazing.

There are a couple points to keep in mind when expanding your existing home video system outdoors. First and foremost, you can’t just put a regular indoor TV outside. Typical TVs aren’t designed to withstand rain, humidity, dust and other elements that might damage the display. Many electrical components also don’t work properly outside of a specific temperature range. Heavy glare from the sun will wash out images on a normal screen, so you need a TV that’s considerably brighter than an indoor display.

One reliable brand for outdoor TVs is Seura. Their Shades Series models work well in partially shaded areas like covered patios, shaded decks and cabanas, while the Ultra Bright series is designed for full sunlight and the worst weather conditions. Seura has designed their TVs to withstand the worst nature can throw at it, including rain and snow. Shades Series TVs are up to 60% brighter than typical indoor TVs, and the Ultra Bright models are up to three times brighter.

Both the Shade Series and Ultra Bright TVs feature 4K UHD resolution and HDR technology, giving you crisp, colorful images. Ultra Bright TVs also include Adaptive Picture Technology, which changes multiple picture settings in response to different lighting conditions to make sure you always have ultimate picture quality.


Just like outdoor TVs, outdoor audio components merit special consideration. In addition to sound quality, you want a system that covers your whole yard and won’t be damaged by bad weather.

Sonance makes several outdoor audio products to suit your needs. To ensure no parts aren’t affected by the elements, Sonance outdoor speakers and subwoofers are made with corrosion-proof composite materials and uses a triple-sealed enclosure. You also won’t have to worry about extreme heat or impacting performance; their baseline SR1 package is rated to handle temperatures from -20 to 109° F, and their other outdoor products meet similarly rigorous standards.

Sonance’s outdoor audio packages offer more than high-quality sound. Their satellite speakers are designed to hide within your landscape so they won’t interfere with your outdoor decor. Furthermore, their subwoofers come with a canopy to better blend in with your foliage.

The SONARRAY SR1 package is a solid introductory audio system that can be expanded later on. The SR1 includes eight satellite speakers and one below-ground subwoofer, delivering stunning sound over an area up to 2,000 square-feet. Since one amplifier can power up to 16 speakers and two subwoofers, it’s easy to add speakers and amplifiers to expand the coverage area.

Now’s the time to get started on your outdoor audio and video upgrades. To learn more about outdoor A/V solutions from Barrett’s, call us at (630) 898-2850 or fill out our contact form

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